I’ve recently joined a new direct sales company called Tori Belle Cosmetics and I want to chat a bit about why I decided to go this route.

I write a lot about working from home and all the different ways I have done so over the last 10 years. I love finding new ways to earn money on my own schedule for my family.


I’ve been waiting for the right network marketing company to come along and I have three must-haves before I would jump in:

1. It had to be the right time.

The best time to join a direct sales company when there is momentum. People are excited. They want to try the new product. They want to jump into the business themselves.

Joining at the beginning when a company has huge momentum is such a great position to put yourself in.

And from an Internet marketing standpoint, it’s best to join right at the beginning so it’s not as competitive when you’re marketing the opportunity online.

For example, a great way to market both the product and an opportunity is on YouTube. If the company has momentum, people will be searching for videos about the opportunity.

If you’re taking advantage of that and trying to build a team, you’re creating those videos so people find you. Right at the beginning, it’s incredibly easy for that to happen because there’s just not as much competition.

So that’s why I really wanted to find a great company and join right from the start, so I could capitalize on that amazing opportunity.

2. The product had to be great and unique.

Once upon a time I joined a company right from the beginning and there was a huge wave of momentum. I quickly used my Internet marketing experience and taught my team to do the same.

I became a leader in the company before we even launched the products.

The problem was, I didn’t love the products when they launched. There was no way I could try to sell products I didn’t love, so I resigned.

I told myself never again would I join an opportunity until I absolutely LOVED the products and they were unique.

Another makeup company with great products is simply just another great makeup company. It has to have a unique selling point to make waves.

That’s true with any type of company trying to sell a product and it’s very true with a direct sales company.

Magnetic eyeliner and beautiful lashes that literally pop on and stay on all day? That is a unique selling point – no other direct sales company has it. That’s why people will buy from you. That’s why people will want to join your team and sell the products too.

3. The Compensation Plan Needed to be Great

Tori Belle Cosmetics pays 25%-40% commission off retail sales and there is a ton of opportunity for bonuses!

If you’re a network marketing veteran you’ll want to know that we’ll be paid 5 levels, 5 generations with no break aways!

If you’re new to network marketing and direct sales, don’t worry, there is a ton of training about that means if you choose to build a team.