The Top 10 Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

Choosing your baby’s first Halloween costume is such a fun experience, because there’s truly nothing cuter than a baby dressed up! Here are my top picks for this year!

1.Baby’s First Halloween Costume: The Elephant

Pottery Barn Kids

By far, this elephant costume is my absolute top pick for this season. It’s offered from newborn all the way to 24 months.

2. Sheepishly Spooky Baby Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn

I love this adorable sheep halloween costume. It’s perfect for baby’s first Halloween.

3. Little Baby Cow Costume

Pottery Barn

Can we even? This little cow costume is the cutest!

4. Chick & Egg Baby Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn Kids

This Chick in an egg costume is one of my favorites this season!

5. Baby Puppy Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Is there anything cuter than a baby dressed up as a puppy? Nope.

6. Unicorn Baby & Toddler Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Unicorns are still a big hit. This unicorn costume comes in sizes from newborns all the way to toddlers!

7. Pineapple Baby Halloween Costume

Pineapple Halloween Costume

Stand out from the crowd as a baby pineapple!

8. Little Baby Avocado Costume


I’m loving this hysterical avocado baby costume!

9. Baby Lion Halloween Costume


Rawr! Dress your little one up as a lion this Halloween!

10. Little Baby Flamingo Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby dressed up as a flamingo, so this officially wins the top ten list! How adorable and hysterical is this flamingo costume?

Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

Decorating porches for the holidays is something I love to do and Halloween is no different! Decorating before trick or treaters visit is so much fun. Here are Halloween porch decorations that I love.

Kourtni, from House on Longwood Lane, created this halloween porch setup with a DIY welcome mat. She used a plain coir mat, stencils, and a bit of black paint. You can see her full tutorial here.

I’m loving every detail of this halloween front porch by Tater Tots and Jello! The “Welcome My Pretties” welcome mat over the buffalo plaid rug might be my favorite part!

I love the stacked pumpkin topiary from Rachel of Craving Some Creativity. You can check out the full tutorial here.

These DIY spiders are perfect Halloween porch decorations! Take a peek at the full tutorial over at One Good Thing.

It’s all in the details! There is so much I love about this Halloween porch; the painted pumpkins, the chippy chair and lanterns and the large tree decal that fits perfectly within this whimsical halloween setup! You can read more about this Halloween porch at Midwest Living.

I’m still loving these DIY witch legs that have been popping up on people’s Halloween porches over the last couple of years. They’re so whimsy and fun. The above witch legs are made with mannequin legs, but I’ve seen them made in a variety ways, like for example, with pool noodles.

You can also buy them here.

Add these eerie floating pumpkins by Sugar and Charm to your Halloween porch this year.

She created paper mache pumpkins, but you may even be able to find lightweight pumpkins from the dollar store and hang them with fishing I envision adding a battery-operated tea lights in these for an extra touch.

12 DIY Farmhouse Christmas Decor Tutorials

Free chalkboard christmas printables

Decorating for Christmastime is always something I really look forward to doing. It has become a family tradition and it really brings the magic of Christmas alive for my daughter. Farmhouse style tends to be my favorite aesthetic, so naturally my Christmas decorations reflect that.

I try to be as frugal as possible, however, so I like a good DIY option rather than spending a ton of money on decorations. I’ve found 12 adorable DIY farmhouse Christmas decor tutorials that I’d love to share! Some of these links may be affiliate links, so I will make a small commission if a product is purchased through them. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

12 adorable DIY farmhouse decor tutorials to use when decorating your house for this Christmas season. These farmhouse christmas ideas will inspire your holiday decorating!


13 Easy Keto Mug Cake Recipes

This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through any of these links, I will receive a small compensation. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

The hardest part of any diet for me is my late night cravings. I always want something to sweet toward the end of the day, but when you’re dieting, chances are you don’t have anything healthy and sweet in your refrigerator. That’s why I’ve become obsessed with keto mug cakes. You can usually make them in under five minutes with only a handful of ingredients for a quick sweet snack.

The BEST Keto Sweetener

I’ve discussed this before, but I can’t stop talking about how much I love and recommend this sweetener for Keto dessert recipes! I’ve been on low-carb (& low sugar) diets before and I always struggled with still wanting something that tastes classically sweet. The usual alternative sweeteners just don’t cut it for me, unfortunately. I can’t seem to get past the aftertaste and I usually end up caving for a “real” dessert.

Swerve has been an absolute game changer for me though. I know this sounds silly (I mean, we’re talking about a sweetener), but the sweet tooth struggle is real. It truly tastes like actual sugar to me and defintely satisfies the sweet tooth cravings!

These are some of my favorite recipes right now. All these keto mug cakes are quick, easy and delicious!


14 Unicorn Cake Ideas That Will Inspire a Magical Birthday Party

This post includes affiliate links. If you purchase any products through these links, I receive compensation. You can read my disclosure policy here.

Welcome back to our Unicorn Birthday Ideas series! Last week we talked about unicorn party food ideas, but today we’re going to look over some magical unicorn cake ideas (as well as unicorn cupcake ideas). I hope these ideas inspire your party! You’re going to find a ton of DIY unicorn cake and DIY unicorn cupcake tutorials in this post, so be sure to pin this post to read later

Unicorn Cake Accessories

If you’re looking for cake accessories, like a unicorn horn, ears, lashes cake toppers and molds – these are my recommendations. These options are relatively inexpensive and have great reviews on Amazon.


10 Easy Mason Jar Gifts Perfect for the Holidays

I love an easy DIY gift to give away during the holiday season. I think they’re such a thoughtful way to show someone you are thinking about them! Mason jar gifts are usually pretty easy to put together and they are cost efficient as well! You can add a nice ribbon and tag and you are good to go!

Here are my top ten picks for this holiday season!

10 DIY Mason jar gifts that are simple to make. They are perfect for Christmas gifts if you're looking for DIY Christmas gift ideas.


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