Baby’s First Christmas Pictures

Today we’re talking about baby’s first Christmas pictures during our 12 Days of Baby’s First Christmas series.

We’re covering 10 ideas from fellow moms and tricks on how to take beautiful baby Christmas pictures with just your phone!

If you’re just looking for the list of baby’s first Christmas photoshoot, scroll on down a bit!

Baby's First Christmas Pictures that you can DIY! Baby's first Christmas for both girls and boy is such a special time for families! Capture all the great moments, whether in front of your Christmas trees,  with siblings, or even the family dog. We cover baby photography tips AND 10 real life examples of Christmas baby photoshoot ideas. #babysfirstchristmas #christmasphotoshoot #christmas

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5 Tricks of the Trade for the Best Baby’s First Christmas Pictures

1. It’s ALL About the Lighting

Natural lighting is the best when taking pictures. Ideally you want to be outside or in front of a big window, but not in a position where sunlight is directly on you.

Taking pictures outside on a cloudy day is always perfect, because the clouds diffuse the light a bit. Taking pictures later in the afternoon around 4 or so is always a great way to capture the best lighting for pictures.

If you’re taking pictures indoors and you don’t have a great window to let the light in, you can use lamps with daylight bulbs to brighten up the area.

If you plan on doing a lot of photoshoots with your little one, consider investing in a photography lighting system. I use this one and I love it. It was pretty inexpensive and it works great!

2. Use an Inexpensive Backdrop

Using a backdrop can give your pictures a more professional feel if you don’t have an ideal space for taking pictures.

If you’re using your Christmas tree as a backdrop, you can also consider using a backdrop on the floor. You can also use blankets, small rugs – really anything to make your baby the focal point.

3. Use a Stabilizer

Our hands naturally shake and it is the number one reason why pictures come out blurry.

If you laser sharp focus, use an app with a stabilizer. It will reduce camera shake and let you focus in on your adorable little baby.

4. Collect Adorable Props

I love collecting cute little props for baby photoshoots!

Some popular Christmas baby photoshoot props:

5. Edit Edit Edit

Even if you have the best lighting in the world, you’ll usually still need to edit your pictures and make them a bit brighter.

I personally like PicTapGo and Snapseed. There

With PicTapGo, you can use their filters to really brighten the picture.

With Snapseed, you have even more control of the editing process. You can remove small blemishes or something like lint off of a sweater using their healing tool. You can also make the picture brighter by using the exposure tool.

Baby’s First Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

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There you have it! I hope you’re inspired to create the best Baby’s First Christmas pictures! Merry Christmas!

The Top 10 Thanksgiving Side Dishes with Thousands of Rave Reviews

I chose the top 10 Thanksgiving side dishes by reviews – both in quantity and by how highly it was rated. Originally I was going to go with the most pinned, but that doesn’t always equal the BEST recipe.

TOP 10 THANKSGIVING SIDE DISH RECIPES | These are the best Thanksgiving side dish recipes that I have found. Each one of them has rave reviews and would be perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner!

1. Grandma’s Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole is a Thanksgiving side dish staple. Usually it’s made with some type of cream soup and crunchy french onion toppings.

This particular green bean casserole recipe (with over 3k raving reviews) skips the cream soup, french style green beans, buttery round crackers rather than french onion.

“I am not too big on veggies, but I CRAVE this dish!!!” – Momma_s

“I quadrupled this recipe for an office potluck. I was hoping to bring some home, and I was close to not getting my wish. Everyone loved it.” – Veronica Rockett

“My family and I liked this recipe much better than the ones with cream of mushroom soup.” – Docswife

2. Awesome and Easy Creamy Corn Casserole

The creator of this Creamy Corn Casserole Recipe states this thanksgiving side dish is “a bit like a cross between corn soufflè and a slightly sweet corn pudding” – and reviewers agree.

With over 4 thousand rave reviews, this is sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving table!

“I have been making this for a solid 5 years and has been a hit every time!” – MommyFromSeattle

“I’ve made this casserole for Thanksgiving the last two years. There is never a crumb left! Everyone loves it.” – IrishMaiden

3. Yummy Sweet Potato Casserole

This sweet potato recipe is a fan favorite with 2 thousand reviews. What makes this Thanksgiving side dish a hit is the pecan topping!

“I made this for the first time this Thanksgiving based on all the positive reviews here, and my family loved it!” – MarcieJ

“I took a chance and added this untried recipe to my Thanksgiving menu and it was the star dish of the feast! Everyone raved and insisted on taking the recipe home.” -Paula W

4. Slower Cooker Mashed Potato

This is a beautifully simple recipe and my favorite aspect of it is that you can make it in the slower cooker. Put it together and set it aside while you work on the rest of your Thanksgiving dinner.

“YUM! Tasty but not overwhelming. It was so nice to be able to make these in the afternoon and load them into the crockpot to wait for my company to arrive later that evening.” -muttluvr76

5. Cranberry Sauce

With only three ingredients, this cranberry sauce is a simple recipe that deserves to make the top 10 Thanksgiving side dishes list!

“Okay, after nearly 31 years of cooking, my search for the “definitive” cranberry sauce recipe is over! This recipe is fantastic!!” – Lexi, Jack and Cookie

6. Sweet Dinner Rolls

These sweet dinner rolls are a huge hit with well over 2k reviews. It calls for a bread machine, however, many reviewers stated they didn’t use one and explained how they created this recipe without it. You can find them by reading the first few reviews.

“GREAT!!! 5++++ What more can I say. I have used this recipe many times and always turns out GREAT!!” – Tamblair

7. Awesome Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing

Stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving dish! This stuffing recipe caught my eye, because it has over two thousand reviews, but I like that it’s a bit different than traditional stuffing.

I’ve been making this recipe for a few years now, and since I started, it’s demanded of me at every family get together. – Stephanie

8. Simple Roasted Butternut Squash

I love this recipe, because of it’s simplicity. Sometimes the best recipes only call for a handful of ingredients and this is one of those recipes.

“Not sure I’d roast butternut squash any other way after making this basic, non-fussy recipe. Winning recipes almost always begin with fresh ingredients and a little seasoning to enhance and complement. This is a winner. Easy to prepare, quick to roast, easy to serve and eat, pretty on the plate, and delicious.” – Naples 34102

9. Gourmet Sweet Potato Classic

Another fan favorite is the classic candied sweet potato dish, but without the marshmallow topping. The recipe creator boasts, “Once you taste this, you won’t ever go back to the marshmallow-topped variety!” – and over 1,000 raving reviews are in agreement.

“Now a tradition at our table!” – Janet G

“This is simply delicious!! I’ve made it MANY times when invited out for dinner, and every time I am asked for the recipe. I make it exactly as directed and it always turns out wonderfully. ” – KL

10. Chef John’s Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate Thanksgiving comfort food! Chef John’s version is loved by thousands.

“Oh boy! I finally found the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had.” – Michelle

There you have it! The top 10 Thanksgiving side dishes according to thousand of rave reviews from people around the country. What’s your favorite side dish for Thanksgiving?

Lumberjack Birthday Party Food Ideas

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon the cutest birthday party theme for a kid’s party – the lumberjack theme! It’s one I’m highly considering for my son, Nicky, once he turns a year old because it’s so adorable. I’m going to start a roundup series of everything you need to complete the lumberjack birthday party theme. Today we will start with lumberjack party foods! The lumberjack theme overlaps a lot with a camping birthday party theme, so these ideas are great for that type of party as well!

These 9 lumberjack food ideas for a lumberjack birthday party are so creative. Try these out if you're hosting a lumberjack themed party. I'm sure they'll wow your guests. #lumberjackbirthdayparty #lumberjackfoodideas


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