There’s nothing sweeter than putting together the nursery while preparing for baby. I enjoy watching nursery theme trends every year and this year the nursery themes for boys are absolutely adorable! If you’re looking for boy nursery themes, this list is a great place to start!

BOY NURSERY THEMES | 5 boy baby room themes that are trending this year. Boy nursery ideas and themes, including color schemes. Boy woodland nursery theme, boy space nursery theme, boy sport nursery theme, and the classic boy nautical nursery theme. #boynurserytheme

1. Woodland Nursery

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The woodlands nursery theme is still a popular baby boy room idea among expecting moms. There are so many ideas you can run with while looking for woodland nursery decor, which makes preparing this type of nursery fun.

You can create a woodland nursery in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose Your Woodland Nursery Color Scheme

The woodland nursery theme usually consists of neutral grays and creams, with touches of blues and forest greens.

Try choosing a neutral wall paint color with your accent color of choice displayed in the decorative details.

Bring in nursery furniture with rustic touches, like a natural crib and dresser. Espresso and white colored furniture also looks nice in a woodland nursery.

2. Pick Your Focal Point

What’s the focal point of your baby boy woodland nursery?

You can paint one wall an accent color, use woodland themed wallpaper, or add woodland themed wall art above the crib.

3. Add in Woodland Nursery Decor Accents

This is where the fun begins!

Add bookshelves made out of birch accents, beautiful woodland crib sheets, decorative woodland baskets, woodland baby rockers and more.

Collect woodland art to decorate the walls, or even woodland themed name signs.

There are so many options to make your baby boy’s nursery theme one of a kind.

2. Space Nursery Theme

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I’m loving the space nursery theme that has been majorly trending! You can add such eye catching details to this type of nursery, so it becomes a really unique nursery theme.

You can create a space themed nursery in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose Your Focal Wall (or Ceiling)

Most space themed nurseries are going to have a wall or ceiling dedicated to a magical mural of stars and constellations.

You can do this with easy to apply (and remove) star nursery wallpaper or you can paint the wall and then apply star decals.

Consider adding an eye catching wall art piece to complete the look.

2. Pick Out Your Color Scheme & Nursery Furniture

A space nursery’s color scheme tends to be black, grey, silver and whites. I think also a pop of color in its accents would look great in addition to these colors.

Choose nursery that has sleek, straight lines. Mid-century modern cribs and dressers would look great in a space themed baby room.

3. Find Your Boy Space Nursery Accent pieces

This is always my favorite part!

Think of star filled baby sheets and blankets, moon shaped pillows, beautiful space-themed nursery wall decor, star and moon mobiles and more.

You can even add a personalized touch with customized constellation art from the minute your baby was born.

3. Nautical Theme

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The nautical theme is defintely a classic baby boy nursery theme, but it’s always trending with expectant moms.

Here are some ideas on how to prepare a nautical nursery for your baby boy:

Color Scheme

Usually a nautical nursery colors consist of navy and white. I think white nursery furniture looks great in a nautical nursery, but I’ve also seen rustic wood tone pieces that look great too.

Accents of gold, grey, or other shades of blue complete the look.

Nautical Nursery Decor

When you’re choosing your nautical nursery decor, consider the following:

4. Buffalo Plaid Nursery

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I’m obsessed with this theme. The buffalo plaid nursery theme has been trending lately and it’s adorable. It could also be considered a lumberjack nursery theme.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your buffalo plaid boy nursery:

Plank Wall

I’ve seen a lot of buffalo plaid or lumber jack nurseries have wood plank walls.

This looks great behind the crib!

Add in Rustic Touches

Choose rustic a rustic crib and rustic nursery furniture.

Decorate with allll the Buffalo Plaid

Well I suppose you could go a bit overboard here, but add in buffalo plaid to complete the look. Here are some ideas:

  • Buffalo plaid crib sheets
  • Buffalo plaid changing pad cover
  • Buffalo plaid wall art
  • Buffalo plaid nursery blankets
  • Buffalo plaid baby room curtains

Find “Woodsy” Touches to Complete the Lumberjack Nursery

Think about woodland animals, forest wall art and more.

Create a White and Black Buffalo Plaid Nursery

I’ve seen some awesome buffalo plaid nurseries that are decorated in black and white, rather than the traditional red and black. This looks really cool and it’s sort of a fun idea to use modern touches along with it.

One nursery that I love has black and white buffalo plaid wallpaper behind the crib, which I think looks amazing.

5. Sports Theme

A sports theme nursery is another classic and is always a trending baby boy room idea.

Add in sport elements in:

  • wall art
  • name signs
  • bed sheets
  • changing pad cover
  • sport equipment used as decorations
  • Baby blankets

There you have it! The 5 trendiest boy nursery themes. Which is your favorite?