We all know the typical newborn must-haves like a crib, changing station, bottles, etc.

This list, however, is about the little in between items that may not be obvious at first, but I found to be pretty important with both my kids.

#1. The Swaddle (Newborn MUST Have)

Swaddling is one of the best things you can do to help your baby sleep at night. Not only do they feel as though they’re snuggled in the womb, but it also represses their startle reflex.

I have tried a ton of swaddles when my kids were in the baby stage and the following were my absolute favorites.

Velcro Swaddle

For the newborn stage, I skipped the swaddle blankets and jumped right into these velcro swaddles. I was too paranoid to use a swaddle blanket, because both my kids broke right out of them even as newborns.

Love to Dream Swaddle

Around 3-6 months or so, my little ones started breaking out of the velcro swaddles.

At this point, I upgraded to the Love to Dream Swaddle UP.

I really love this swaddle, because it allows baby to sleep with hands up near their head. This is a much more natural way for them to sleep than with their hands pinned to their sides or chest, so it eases their frustration and tends to get them to sleep longer stretches.

Nested Bean Sleep Suit

Once my babies started rolling, we switched them from a swaddle to a sleep suit.

This allowed their hands to be completely free, which helped both babies self-soothe at night.

We used the Nested Bean Sleep Sack with my son, because he began waking up every hour or so once he hit his four month sleep regression.

It has this little bean bag over the chest of the suit (or its back if you flip it around), making it feel like mom’s hand was on his chest or back. It really helped him sleep longer stretches.

The Nested Bean comes in a swaddle or pajamas, as well.

Magic Merlin Sleep Suit

The last sleep suit Lucy used the Magic Merlin sleep suit.

She entered a horrible sleep regression and we switched her to this and she slept incredibly well with it. It was one of the main ways we got her to transition from her travel crib to her crib in her room.

Side note: It also has the extra bonus of making your little one look like a giant, adorable marshmallow.

#2. White Noise Machine

If there was ever a holy grail of baby sleep tips, using a white noise machine would be it for me.

Lucy needed to be soothed around the clock when she was a newborn, and. white noise was incredibly helpful during those difficult times.

It also truly helped both my little ones sleep longer. You’ll find in many baby sleep tip books that using a loud, white noise machine is important as well.

Also, you never realize how loud everything else is when you have a sleeping newborn! Finding a loud white noise machine will help block out the world so your baby can sleep in peace.

That being said finding a white noise machine that is actually loud was quite the challenge.

After going through several white noise machines we found this one can be turned up the loudest.

#3. Snuza

You’re either going to love this newborn must have or you may think I’m a crazy lady.

However, I’m still adding it because I know some of you out there are just as crazy as me.

I could not sleep once my first was born, because I was constantly checking to see if she was breathing.

I finally invested in the Snuza. This little magical device clips right to the baby’s diaper and sounds off if it detects breathing has stopped.

It was the only thing that allowed me to get some sleep.

#4. Rocking Chair with Ottoman

I absolutely lived on my rocking chair and ottoman set for both little ones. We bought a second one when Nicholas was born, because I was still using Lucy’s for her in her own bedroom at the time.

In fact, I still use them for both kids!

There is just something about creating a little oasis for just you and your baby.

I always recommend getting a rocking chair or glider with an ottoman, because it just sets you up with a comfortable spot for long hours of nursing/feeding and pumping (if you’re doing so).

My little ones still find comfort in being gently rocked in their chairs as part of their bedtime routine or just when they need a little extra love.

#5. The Boppy

I could not live without my boppy with both my kids! I used it for so many different things.

  • It was the only way I could nurse/feed comfortably in the rocking chair or on the sofa
  • I used it as a lounger while we were hanging out on the floor
  • I even utilized it for tummy time once in awhile to change things up

I did have a boppy lounger for Nicholas, which I did love, but I still preferred my regular boppy to it.

#6. Video Monitor

For the same reason I needed the Snuza in my life, I needed to have a video monitoring system so I can check on the kids while they’re sleeping.

Especially as babies grow older, I like to be sure they aren’t trying pull a fast one and climb right out the crib.

That being said, finding the right video monitor system has pretty much been the bane of my existence.

What I found was that most video monitors eventually have battery issues and this is an issue that seems to be pretty universal with baby video monitors.

It happened with our first system we used with Lucy and we always had to keep it plugged in. It wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen, but still a minor inconvenience.

So when Nicholas was born, I did a ton of research to find the best fit for our family.

I didn’t want to spend a ton of money and I wanted it to actually last. I needed an extra camera to be added onto the system so I could watch both kids in their rooms.

We also did not want to go the wifi route, since we’ve heard too many horror stories of people hacking into them.

We finally settled on this one for Nicholas and we have yet to have an issue! We’ve been using it for 15 months without any problems.

#7. Carseat Cover

I’ll admit, I didn’t use a carseat cover for Lucy – and I regret it now that I’ve used one for Nicholas.

I thought it was just an extra thing moms bought into that wasn’t really needed.

However, I found it to be super convenient for a variety of reasons:

  • It gives newborn privacy so people don’t try to touch them when out in public (this does happen, weirdly enough)
  • It protects the baby against rain, wind and snow when you’re carrying them from car
  • It can also be used as a nursing cover if you prefer using them

I used a carseat cover by Carseat Couture You can get one for free by using my code “MOMMYHOODING”. You will just have to pay shipping and handling.

#8. The Nose Freida

The Nose Freida absolute must have for when you’re little one gets sick. You use it to the suck the mucus out of your baby’s nose.

It’s so much better than bulb syringes (which I’ve read can gather gross mold in it).

#9. Infant Tub

With Lucy, we went with Summer bath seat, which we liked because it was relatively inexpensive.

However, with Nicholas we went with this tub and I absolutely LOVE it. I wish I had it for Lucy too. It fit over our sink and went into our bath tub. It has a newborn part that hammocks the baby gently in the water.

Then when Nicholas was able to sit and we realized what an absolute wild child he is, we transitioned him to this tub. I can’t tell you how awesome this thing is. It suctions right to the sides and allows baby to sit safely in the tub. I don’t know what we’d do without it.

10. DockATot

image credit: DockATot

The DockATot is a baby lounger, where baby can feel snug and comforted. It was designed to mimic the womb and it’s made out of breathable fabric.

I used a few different baby loungers, but they were too small and I didn’t feel safe putting my babies in them.

I used the DockATot all the time for Nicholas. I loved putting him in it while I folded laundry, played with Lucy and even in my bed as I laid with him.

They also come in a variety of covers that you can remove and throw in the wash.

What are your favorite newborn must-haves?