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Lumberjack Birthday Party Food Ideas

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon the cutest birthday party theme for a kid’s party – the lumberjack theme! It’s one I’m highly considering for my son, Nicky, once he turns a year old because it’s so adorable. I’m going to start a roundup series of everything you need to complete the lumberjack birthday party theme. Today we will start with lumberjack party foods! The lumberjack theme overlaps a lot with a camping birthday party theme, so these ideas are great for that type of party as well!

These 9 lumberjack food ideas for a lumberjack birthday party are so creative. Try these out if you're hosting a lumberjack themed party. I'm sure they'll wow your guests. #lumberjackbirthdayparty #lumberjackfoodideas


11 Mermaid Party Food Ideas

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Mermaids have been super popular over the last couple of years, so mermaid birthday parties have been pretty popular as well. I love the purple and teal color scheme that typically goes along with the mermaid theme. They’re really fun and make for whimsical food recipes.

11 mermaid party food ideas for your mermaid birthday party! #mermaidbirthdayparty #mermaidpartyfoodideas


7 Unicorn Party Favors

We’re in the third week of our Unicorn Birthday Party series. Today we’re going to look at 7 different unicorn party favors you can offer your guests! Most of these come with DIY tutorials and at least one you can just purchase if you want to save yourself some time.

7 ideas for unicorn party favors for your unicorn birthday party. These unicorn goodie bag ideas are a mix of DIY unicorn projects, as well as ideas for options you can buy.


14 Unicorn Cake Ideas That Will Inspire a Magical Birthday Party

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Welcome back to our Unicorn Birthday Ideas series! Last week we talked about unicorn party food ideas, but today we’re going to look over some magical unicorn cake ideas (as well as unicorn cupcake ideas). I hope these ideas inspire your party! You’re going to find a ton of DIY unicorn cake and DIY unicorn cupcake tutorials in this post, so be sure to pin this post to read later

Unicorn Cake Accessories

If you’re looking for cake accessories, like a unicorn horn, ears, lashes cake toppers and molds – these are my recommendations. These options are relatively inexpensive and have great reviews on Amazon.


11 Magical Food Ideas for a Unicorn Birthday Party

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Unicorns and rainbows – what else do you need for a magical party theme?! Unicorns are taking center stage lately and they make a great focus for birthday party themes! Check out these ideas for unicorn birthday party food ideas!

Psst.. are you going to be making unicorn cookies for your unicorn-themed dessert table? I recommend this set It comes with the unicorn cookie cutters and matching stencils!

unicorn printable



11 Amazing recipe and food ideas for a unicorn themed party. These are perfect for a unicorn birthday party or a unicorn bridal shower.


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