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How I Finally Got My Baby to Sleep in the Crib

The transition from bassinet to crib can be a challenging one! This is especially true when you throw in teething and countless sleep regressions.

Babies love their cozy little bassinets and sleeping close to mom, but there comes a time when most moms need to figure out how to get their baby to sleep in the crib.

Are you trying to get your baby to sleep in the crib? Transitioning my baby from bassinet to crib was one of the toughest sleep hurdles we had with her. I read all the baby sleep tips, but nothing was working until we did this one thing. She ended up sleeping in her crib, transitioning from her swaddle and slept longer stretches and eventually slept through the night. #babysleeptips

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The Baby Who Would NOT Sleep in Her Crib

My daughter would not sleep anywhere other than in something that made her feel cozy and secure – like a bassinet.

She simply would NOT SLEEP in her crib. She was around 6 months or so and we were exhausted.

She was outgrowing her bassinet and it was time to transition her to her crib.

The Transition Was Not Working

The problem was every time I laid her down, she would start screaming. She simply hated her crib.

We tried everything we could think of to make the transition easier. We took advice from anyone that offered help.

We found baby sleep tips that worked everywhere else, but nothing that would help her sleep in her crib.

Nothing was working, until I stumbled upon a forum and read a thread from a group of moms who were having the same struggle.

The ONE Thing We Did That Changed Lucy’s Sleep for the Better

Photo Credit: @magiclseepsuit and @slduke

The solution several of these moms came up with was transitioning their baby from a swaddle to the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit.

When I looked this sleep suit up, I thought it resembled a space suit and didn’t think it would work.

We bought it anyway, because we were desperate for sleep.

I later learned it was actually created by a pediatric physical therapist, who was also a mom of four. The reviews on Amazon seemed amazing, so I was glad I made the purchase.

When we first put this sleep suit on her she was not a fan, but it was just a matter of her getting used to something new.

The very first night she slept with the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit (after she settled down), she slept the longest stretch of sleep she ever had – in her crib!

Why the Magic Merlin worked

Now that Lucy is older, I know she craves a ton touch and comfort. She really likes deep pressure touch too.

I think the Magic Merlin created that same level of comfort her cozy bassinet did and gave her the security she was craving as a baby.

It seems like it works the same way a weighted blanket works for older kids (and adults). It also served as the perfect transition from her swaddle!

Truly, every baby is different and finding the right swaddle or sleep suit will look different for everyone. However, the Magic Merlin was one of the best products I bought for Lucy. I’m hoping that someone else will read this and find it works just as well for their baby as well, because us moms can always use a little more sleep!

Do you have a favorite swaddle or sleep suit? Tell us in the comments!

The Top 10 Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

Choosing your baby’s first Halloween costume is such a fun experience, because there’s truly nothing cuter than a baby dressed up! Here are my top picks for this year!

1.Baby’s First Halloween Costume: The Elephant

Pottery Barn Kids

By far, this elephant costume is my absolute top pick for this season. It’s offered from newborn all the way to 24 months.

2. Sheepishly Spooky Baby Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn

I love this adorable sheep halloween costume. It’s perfect for baby’s first Halloween.

3. Little Baby Cow Costume

Pottery Barn

Can we even? This little cow costume is the cutest!

4. Chick & Egg Baby Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn Kids

This Chick in an egg costume is one of my favorites this season!

5. Baby Puppy Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Is there anything cuter than a baby dressed up as a puppy? Nope.

6. Unicorn Baby & Toddler Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Unicorns are still a big hit. This unicorn costume comes in sizes from newborns all the way to toddlers!

7. Pineapple Baby Halloween Costume

Pineapple Halloween Costume

Stand out from the crowd as a baby pineapple!

8. Little Baby Avocado Costume


I’m loving this hysterical avocado baby costume!

9. Baby Lion Halloween Costume


Rawr! Dress your little one up as a lion this Halloween!

10. Little Baby Flamingo Halloween Costume

Pottery Barn

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby dressed up as a flamingo, so this officially wins the top ten list! How adorable and hysterical is this flamingo costume?

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