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10 DIY Body Scrubs That Will Make You Feel Like You’re at the Spa

I am in love with natural beauty products. Something about using ingredients from the earth seems so obvious and I’m in love with the simplicity of it.

While pregnant with my first little one, I became more aware of what I was putting on my body and that began my love affair with natural ingredients and their therapeutic benefits.

There is just something about a body scrub that really feels luxurious to me. Here are my absolute favorite recipes for DIY body scrubs that I highly recommend you making if you’re in the mood for some serious self-care.

10 DIY Body scrub recipes that are easy to make. These are so luxurious for the skin that they'll make you feel like you're at the spa. There is a collection of homemade body scrubs that are salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, DIY body scrubs with essential oils and more. #diybodyscrub #bodyscrub #homemadebodyscrub #essentialoils


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