When I first started side hustling, I knew that if I could just earn $100 a day, I would reach my financial goals within a year.

Sometimes those financial goals were tackling debt, other times it was just to help pay my family’s monthly bills or pay for preschool and extracurricular activities for my little ones.

As a stay-at-home mom, I couldn’t get a job that required me to work specific hours. It’s just not realistic in this chapter of my life. I know many moms can relate!

$100 (5-6 days per week, depending on my goals) would bring in enough money to pay down debt and help with my family’s monthly bills.

So the $100 challenge was born and utilized over and over again.

Seasons in life change and side hustle gigs come and go, but whenever I have a major financial goal to tackle head on, I come right back to this challenge.

So I’ve deciding to do it again and share the entire process with you all in real time. Be sure to pin this for later, because this is content you won’t want to miss!

I quickly realized that having a handful of “mini side hustles” was the best way to work my way up to $100 a day with my current lifestyle.

These mini side hustles are things like user testing sites, teaching English online, phone and chat jobs you can choose your own hours for, survey sites (that actually pay), transcription jobs, rating jobs and more.

I’ve been working from home before the cool kids were doing it (in fact, I’ve been in this world for over a decade), so I know the ins and outs of side hustling. That being said, there has never been a better time to earn money on your own schedule. It’s super easy to do, you just need a strategy and a bit of hustle.

I highly recommend pinning this page for later, because I’ll be continuously adding links for all the mini side hustle opportunities right here each week.

Not only will I be share mini side hustle gigs that are up for grabs, but I’ll also be sharing what I’m currently doing to find new gigs. I’ll find brand new opportunities that can fit into my family’s hectic schedule that will enable me to earn that magical $100 per day (6 days a week). I’ll be creating a monthly income report as well to keep everything as transparent as I can.

How long do you think it will take me to get to $100 per day? Stay tuned!