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13 Playroom Ideas That Will Inspire Creative Play

I’m currently knee-deep (literally) in decluttering and trying to minimize our playroom. I’m looking for playroom ideas that will inspire my kids to learn through play.

I’m determined to create an organized space for my little ones to play creatively and learn about the world in the process.

I’ll be writing several posts about this process, because it has been quite the undertaking. I’ve been clearing out old toys, organizing a toy rotation system, setting up an arts and crafts station, and creating a space that emphasizes creative play and learning.

Like any modern mama, I hit Pinterest to find playrooms that inspired our space at home. I’ve found some really great ideas from other bloggers that I’m featuring today.

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source unknown

While searching for playroom ideas, this was the first one that I fell in love with. I love the big chalkboard wall with the beautiful, colorful mural.


This RUG. It makes this playroom pop. I also love that kids’ artwork is framed and placed on the wall. You can find it here.

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Kate Dreyer via Project Nursery

I love cubby bookshelves and I have a smaller version in our current playroom. I really love this large one in the above playroom. I’d imagine it would be hard for kids to get into the top cubbies.. but perhaps that is their genius point?

J and J Design Group via Project Nursery

This playroom features another cubby shelve with totes placed in the two bottom rows for grouping and storing toys.

What I love about this playroom is the seating. I’d love to have a cozy couch for my kids to curl up on in their playroom as well.

I also love the “play” sign as a focal point in the room.

The Sunny Side Up Blog

Organization BLISS. This is one of the most organized playrooms I have come across. Using plastic tubs and labeling them using chalkboard stickers keeps all the small toys sorted and organized.

Cup of Jo

I really like the idea of having a magnetic wall for educational magnets. We like these alphabet letters and these shapes.

Claire, Collected

I absolutely love this playroom. She uses a giant pegboard (you can find one at your local home improvement store) to display and store arts and crafts.

She also uses photo ledges to store books for easy access and display.

Domestic Objects

My daughter loves playing house and kitchen games. I’m working on finding a space to add a playhouse for her. I came across this canvas play house that would work perfectly and is easy to pack up and move if needed.


Our playroom walls are full of alphabet and number artwork to inspire a little bit of learning throughout the day. I love this whimsical world map artwork for kids.

Pretty Little Row House

A reading nook is essential for our playroom. Instilling a love for reading is an important value I want my kids to have. I love this space in the above playroom. She uses a beautiful canopy hanging over a cozy beanbag.

Biggest Little Dreamer

Do you ever wonder what to do with the space below stairs? I love this cozy reading nook – especially that awesome wallpaper.

Chesapeak Chic

More organization bliss! Again we’re seeing chalkboard label stickers, because it’s so easy and inexpensive!

Chesapeak Chick

I love all the totes in this cubby shelf – all labeled and organized with hanging chalkboard labels.

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