Baby closet organization ideas to help you prepare the nursery for baby! Learn tips on how to organize baby clothes, organize a small baby closet, use dividers in baby’s closet, and maximize your nursery closet storage. #babyclosetorganizationideas #babycloset #nurserycloset #nursery

When I was preparing spaces for both of my little ones, I remember searching for baby closet organization ideas. I literally attempted to try them all. Many things did not stick, but a few things became essential to maintain for my own sanity.

My oldest is 3.5 years old and I still apply these baby closet organization ideas to her “big girl” closet, because it’s a seamless system that helps us stay organized — or should I say, as much as possible!

1. Optimize Closet’s Space

Nursery closet organization

Real Simple

Baby clothes are obviously small, so there tends to be a ton of room underneath the hanging rod. We added an additional shelf underneath ours that gets a ton of use.

I’ve also seen people add longer dressers, cube shelves, etc. to really maximize the space. This is such a great idea, because as babies grow – toys, clothes, and all the extras start to grow right along with them. You’ll need all the extra storage space you can get!

2. Use Baskets (One of the Best Baby Closet Organization Ideas)

Divide and conquer is always my answer when it comes to organizing a nursery or any type of kid room. Matching bins or baskets is the perfect way to separate seasonal items, store clothes that are too big, hold bibs and wash cloths, extra toys if you’re toy rotating, etc.

You can buy nice baskets or even go with inexpensive bins at the dollar store. Regardless of budget, this is a really effective way to calm the chaos of baby stuff!

3. Add a “Too Small” Basket

Babies and kids in general grow fast. I didn’t implement this nursery organization hack until Lucy was a bit older, but I’ve started it right away with Nicholas.

Add a basket or bin to the baby’s closet for clothes that no longer fit. Before I did this, I was swimming in baby clothes and it was frustrating to get an outfit ready for her, only to find it was too small.

Each time I wash baby clothes, I immediately put the clothes that no longer fit into this basket. Eventually, I add the clothes into a bigger plastic bin to store away in the basement.

You’d think you could just skip the too small basket and go right to the storage bin, but trust me – when you’re in the nursery, you’ll love to have a basket to just throw clothes in without a second thought.

4. Baby Closet Size Dividers


Image & Source: Jenna Casey Designs

I’ll admit, I did not do this with Lucy’s baby clothes. When I was pregnant with her and searching for baby closet organization ideas, I remember thinking it wasn’t necessary. However, I quickly realized why it’s actually incredibly helpful and now I’m implementing it with Nicholas’ clothes.

Trust me, it’s a million times easier to quickly find an outfit you’re looking for when everything is divided nicely by size (and even season).

5. Install a Door Rack

Baby closet organization

Image source: The Container Store

I’m obsessed with maximizing space, because we have a smaller space to work with. If you’re organizing a nursery in a small space, you’ll want to look for opportunities to maximize space as well.

Over-the-door organizers are one of the best ways to organize and really utilize extra space. I’ve seen over-the-door shoe organizers used for many things, but my favorite door organizer is the type you see above. I just feel like you can get more use out of this.

6. Hooks on Inside Closet Wall

Nursery Closet OrganizationI use giant thumb tacks on the inside wall of our nursery closet to hang clean, hooded towels and things of that nature. It’s a small hack, but it’s helpful to keep things organized.

Now that Lucy is older, we use these to hang her little kitchen aprons and dress-up play outfits too.

Since we have a small space and a small nursery closet, we really need to maximize all the space that we do have. So this may seem like a small hack to even mention, but it’s another great way to utilize all the space that you have.

7. Hang Only Specific Types of Clothes

Make a decision about what the of clothing you want to hang in baby’s closet and what you prefer in the dresser.

I prefer to hang hoodies, sweaters, nice shirts, coats and complete outfits, while I like to have onesies, pants without matching shirts, pajamas and play clothes in the dresser.

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